Why Learn Improv?

One of today’s hottest secrets, improvisation has become one of the entertainment industry’s and workplace’s most asked-for skill. You can see actors who got their start in improvisation in today’s most popular movies, television shows, and national commercials and leaders of business with heavy improv training in their background.

A good improviser, is a great actor, but a good actor doesn’t always mean you are a great improviser. Being able to think quickly on your feet, stay in the moment, and to roll with any sudden changes makes any person both a better performer and more adept in social interactions.

Here’s the best part; you can learn it too! If you ever thought about starting an improv class, then look no further! Improv-LA is a place for actors and non-actors alike to learn and strengthen their skills as beginners or even if you have some experience!

The workshop is designed to make the performer feel confident onstage and off. Founded by veteran improviser and actor, Keith Saltojanes, has taken the concepts of all of his experience and training in both improvisation and acting and streamlined it into a workshop that can be the most beneficial and affordable for everyone.

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Out of the safety and health of our community, our studios are temporarily closed at the moment. We are watching the situation closely and hope to start classes again soon. Click "Stay Updated" to contact us for further news and look for our ONLINE COURSES COMING SOON!