Elective: Hip Hop Improv

Elective: Advanced Long Form Hip Hop Improv

• Sundays 5-8pm (starts August 13th, 2017) Now Open!

(Prerequisite: Must have a taken previous Hip Hop Improv class)

Price $260.00


If Intro to Hip Hop Improv was about learning the language of Freestyling, Advanced Hip Hop Improv is about becoming fluent. In this class you’ll Learn more difficult rhyme structures as well as practice different hip hop song genres. Thanks to knowing the basics, students in Advanced HHI are offered a greater focus towards more on-stage opportunities to improve their skills. Taking this class will make you approach any stage opportunity with more energy and confidence. Reserve your spot today!


Class Size: 10 Students max; everyone will get plenty of stage time and individual attention.
This class can be taken at any time during our Three-Level program and must have previously taken an Intro to Hip Hop Improv workshop or class.


Classes are 3 hours long, and meet at The Complex Theater (6472 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles)

About The Instructor:

Shaun Fisher has over 5 years experience performing and teaching long form Hip Hop improv. Shaun, a UCB trained improviser and long time performer on New York’s premier Hip Hop improv team NORTH COAST, has since moved the form to the West Coast and can be seen around town doing standup, beat-boxing and performing with the LA branch of Hip Hop improv, 808. He has performed Hip Hop Improv to packed crowds at Festivals in New York, Boston, North Carolina, Chicago, Alaska, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Vancouver.

What Others Are Saying:

“I’ve taken several improv workshops and this was the best. Before this weekend I didn’t have a good feel for how rapping would apply broadly to improv, aside from short form rap games and adding an interesting rap to a scene when it would fit. I was amazed how the workshop reinforced basic concepts of hyper-listening, agreement, support of your scene partner, development of group mind, etc.”


“Shaun is a really kind and patient instructor, while also pushing you to step into your fear just enough. He made something (hip hop improv) that scares so many improvisers feel okay to fail at. He has drive and compassion that not enough instructors have. Plus he’s got fly kicks er’yday.”


“In his teaching Shaun effortlessly skirts the line between imparting a wealth of information and keeping the lesson relaxed and fun. He gave me some incredibly useful tools in our one short lesson together that I use now every time I improvise – it seems Shaun is just as skilled at helping players work on their individual challenges as he is at spitting mad ciphers.”


“Shaun’s enthusiasm for his work is infectious. He is able to take what seems impossible and support his students through a process that allows them to not only access the work, but find something within themselves they didn’t know was there. Watching students connect with what Shaun is teaching is magical – it is clear he loves teaching them as much as they love learning from him.”


“I have taken Shaun’s beatboxing workshop twice. The first time I took it I signed up to do something that totally scared me. The second time I took it I signed up to do something I totally love. Shaun is a master at turning something intimidating into something within your reach. His classes are supportive, comfortable, and mind-blowing. You walk away with new skills and a new confidence that goes beyond the skills you learned in the room.”

Registration is ongoing, so sign-up to join us anytime! (Classes usually sell-out in advance)