Level 3: Performance Group

Long Forms & Individual Strengths

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Price $310.00


Once you’ve learned how to play more fearlessly and how to follow the road map of scene types, now it’s time to go even deeper and perform more! This class will be seven-weeks and give students the sense of being a part of an improv performance group as well as working on YOU as a performer. We’ll cover:
  • Individual performer strengths & weaknesses will be focused on and improved upon
  • Using and creating different forms that fits your group’s style
  • Having weekly rehearsals to get performance ready
  • Learn existing forms like: The Movie, The Harold, The Deconstruction, Improvised Narrative, The Hub, The Spread, The Thrasher, Pretty Flower, and more beyond Montages and Armandos.
  • Marketing your improv team
  • How to book shows, and get noticed in the Los Angeles improv community and beyond

To be eligible for this class, you must have completed Levels 1 & 2, with teacher’s approval, or have completed the equivalent at another improv school, in addition to our Level 2 class (just let us know your experience).

In addition, once you complete this level, you are then eligible to continue weekly rehearsals and practices with one of our coaches at a lower cost and performing even more shows!

Class/Group Size: 14 Students

Classes are 3 hours, and meet for 7 weeks, including a graduation showcase on the final day, and take place at The Clubhouse Theatre in Los Angeles.

Registration is ongoing, so sign-up below to join us anytime!

(Classes sell-out in advance)

The Clubhouse Theater
1607 N. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, California 90027